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Forevermore Literature

Meet Jennifer Shenefield of Forevermore Literature

Jennifer's Story

Thank you for visiting Forevermore Literature! This site and my newly-published novel, Chance in a Lifetime, are realizations of a lifelong dream - sharing my passion for writing with readers and writers alike. I have always loved to write, even since I was a young child finding success in youth writing contests of all kinds. While my life took many other turns and initially kept me from pursing my writing passions in my earlier adult life, I chose to go back to school a few years ago to obtain my MFA in Creative Writing - thereby forcing myself to write. And I am so very glad I did! Chance in a Lifetime was also my Master's Thesis, so I am excited to share this work with readers everywhere now.

In addition to the publishing release of Chance in a Lifetime and the freelance writing and editing work I do, I serve as a full-time Senior Communications Specialist for Fehr & Peers, a position in which I am

grateful to be able to exercise my love and talent for writing and communication every day for a fantastic company. My most beloved job of all is that of being a mother to three incredibly wonderful and talented girls - Autumn (11), Avalon (9), and Athena (3). I am happy they all share my passions for reading, writing, animals, and taking on way too many activities in life! We currently live in beautiful San Diego, California and are owned by a Bernese Mountain Dog named Ragnar and Aurora the Siamese cat. Although I am a Cali girl now, I grew up in Minnesota and am very proud of my Midwest roots and upbringing. . .and my Minnesota Vikings - SKOL!

I greatly appreciate everyone's support and contributions to Chance's journey and my own. My ultimate goals are to touch the lives of readers with my writing and to share the beauty of the written word. I am excited to share experiences, advice, and insider insights in the Author's Blog regularly, and to connect with readers of Chance in a Lifetime on social media and in person. Read on below to find out what inspires my writing as well. Happy reading!

Jennifer's Inspirations

Creativity is rooted in all things inspirational.


Family is the keystone to all things in my heart. I was raised in a very loving and motivational family, and I am forever indebted to my parents for molding me into the person I am today and for always being there for me. I now carry on those same very important values of compassion, kindness, and hard work to my own three daughters. Autumn, Avalon, and Athena are not only my constant inspirations and muses, but my very strength in work and in life. I have learned that through the deep mother-child bond, all things are possible and there is nothing more amazing in life than being there for your children, helping them to find their own paths and nurturing their talents. My girls are filled with tremendous kindness, talent, and motivation - and I could not possibly be more proud of them!


From the very earliest times of my childhood, I have been in love with animals of all kinds. Soft fur, wet noses, and swishing tails have always melted my heart. The wonder and beauty of animals bring sheer joy and amazement to all things in the world, and the way they touch the lives of people is the most inspirational of all. I have never felt complete with out an animal (many, really) as a huge part of my life. Animals are so much more than trusted companions; they are true friends and deep inspirations. For that reason, I chose to center Chance in a Lifetime around that incredibly special concept. May your heart always be tied to animals.

Stories of Strength

As we all navigate life, the storms we weather may all be different, but they are always there. Strength in the face of struggle, tragedy, or adversity is supremely inspiring to me. Watching someone rise from the ashes to triumph, hope, success, peace, or even simply survival is such a thing of beauty. Sometimes finding that strength to get through or overcome something may be the hardest part, and in times such as those we must look to our own motivators and inspirations to find that light in the darkness, and that crucial first rung of the ladder.

Amazing Classic Literature Authors

Writing has certainly evolved and expanded over history, and this very expansion is inspiring to me, as it reaches readers of all ages, interests, and walks of life. Personally, I have always been most deeply inspired by classic literature. The mastery unraveling in the writing of so many classic authors grips me and inspires me to no end. My favorite author of all time is the great Edgar Allan Poe, master of horror and many other concepts. What I wouldn't give to sit on a bench with him and ask him so many questions about the work I love so much! Most predominantly, his incredible gift for showing great beauty even in tragedy and fear is a concept I marvel over, and frequently ribbon into my own work.

The Beauty of Storytelling

As long as I can remember, I have treasured the beauty, excitement, and meaning of a good story. Amazing stories come to us from many forms: some are told in written tales, others are shared verbally or visually, and even some are simply internal dialogues. But no matter the nature, stories are powerful beings. They are about learning, experiencing, revealing, realizing, exciting, understanding, communicating, and so much more. So many interpretations and inspirations could come from one simple story, and I find that intensely breathtaking. Telling stories gives the storyteller the ability to reach others in meaningful, powerful ways, and that is nothing short of magical.

Inspiring Others

Yes, I just had to slip a sheep into this picture. . .

Perhaps it is because I am so deeply touched by inspirations of all kind myself, but the one thing I find even more rewarding than experiencing inspiration is having the opportunity to inspire others. Cultivating talents in people we know and love and in folks we are just getting to know alike is incredibly motivating to me. I love to see the growth and success of others, and there is no greater honor for me than to be able to be a part of that, no matter how small of a part that may be. This is very important to me in my professional life as well as my personal life, and just as rewarding in both arenas. Nothing pleases a mommy passionate about writing more than seeing and cultivating the incredible reading and writing talents of my three young daughters. I am so thrilled to watch them blossom and grow their interests and raw talents!

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