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Forevermore Literature

Welcome to Forevermore Literature!

Welcome to our site!

We invite you to browse our pages to learn more about our publications and offerings. The beauty and power of the written word drives everything we do, and sharing that with others is our absolute passion. We invite you on these journeys with us, and love to share experiences, advice, insights, and stories of all kinds. Learn about our newly-released novel, Chance in a Lifetime, check out our services, and explore the latest news and what is ahead. Author Jennifer Shenefield shares insights, experiences, and helpful thoughts in our Author's Blog. We'd also love to hear from you, so visit our contact page to get in touch!

The Forevermore Literature Story

Not only do we love writing, we love to talk about writing, teach and inspire others, and help with taking works of all kinds to the next level.

Now a published novel, Chance in a Lifetime was once just a tiny little idea. Many years later, that concept was fully developed until it was ready to come to full fruition and be put to the page. Some works demand themselves to be written, and Chance was one such story. It now comes to life with many goals and benefits in mind, the largest being to touch and inspire the lives of readers in very individual, unique ways. We sincerely hope it finds that way into your heart, and we would love to hear about it!

We are also pleased to share that many more works in a wide variety of genres and styles are currently in progress. Get a sneak peek at these upcoming works on our Upcoming Projects page. Since the readers are central to what we do, we plan to occasionally reach out for suggestions on upcoming story ideas, contributions to content, and opinions on direction. Watch our site for these upcoming opportunities!

The pursuit of a deep love and passion for writing has brought this site together, created Forevermore Literature, and composed Chance in a Lifetime. We are so pleased to share these experiences and aspirations with all of you through our literary works and our custom writing and educational services.

Forevermore Literature Offerings

Our author, Jennifer Shenefield, holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has extensive experience in the writing and communication fields. She loves to share her experience and expertise with aspiring writers, readers, professionals, students, and anyone looking for assistance, training, or conversations in these areas. Forevermore Literature offers a wide variety of custom services to assist you with any and all of these needs and more. Check out our Services page for more details, and then contact us to chat about your project or needs!