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Forevermore Literature

Reader Reviews

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Chance in a Lifetime!

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Chance in a Lifetime Main Page

The character of the dog is well developed and the reader truly senses Chance’s emotions at every stage of his life. The human characters are also well developed and believable. The author uses the dog’s power of perception to provide a detailed description of each setting, so the reader feels completely involved with the unfolding narrative. There is a lot of love in this story and a lot of learning for Chance, his humans, and the readers who follow his story. A lovely story from beginning to end. The reader will laugh and cry and cheer Chance along. Very uplifting.

- Readers' Favorite Professional Book Reviews

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I just finished this book and it is absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed getting to know the world through Chance's eyes. All of the characters are wonderful; I wish I could meet them in real life. This book is perfect for any animal lover!

- Amazon Review

I highly recommend Chance in a Lifetime by Jennifer Shenefield to families everywhere. Especially animal lovers! We have two furbabies here at home and this book has brought me closer to them! It’s a book our whole family enjoyed together.

- Kayla Nickles Book Reviews

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Loved this book! I was so drawn into the characters that I read the entire book in one weekend! Chance and all of his friends and family are delightful. Given all of the negativity surrounding us on a daily basis, this book provides a little escape into a world where a special dog gives hope to special people. Highly recommend!

- Amazon Review

The best words I can use after finishing this book . . . human tears of joy!

- Facebook Review

Excellent book that pulls at your heart strings – was a joy to read. Looking forward 

to more from this author.

- Barnes and Noble Review

It was wonderful . . . I chuckled and cried several times, and now have a greater 

understanding of my own pets.

- Facebook Review

Every reader will fall for Chance. This teaches love and tenderness, and is a 

fulfilling story for readers.

- Judge's Comments, 2020 Feathered Quill Book Awards

The narrative approach of several recent books (followed by movies) have been from an imagined dog’s point of view with, in my opinion, varying degrees of success. This author quickly overcame my skepticism demonstrating early in the book that she is a keen observer of human as well as canine behavior. She smoothly convinces her readers that her very intelligent chocolate lab, Chance, could readily be trained not only to bring papers, phones, and feather dusters; but also, taught to make coffee. As a service dog Chance is well trained to help his young master to negotiate hallways, locate classrooms, positively respond to the other children, while enjoying the sensory odors that surround them. “Everything from stinky stocks to perfume to candy to floor cleaner to tater tots.” He is, what he appears to be, a loving big dog who enjoys “sticky, yummy cupcakes,” ice cream, and especially hot dogs. Chance and Ethan enjoying everything together from catching frogs to rides in Camden’s motorboat sharing the experience of water spray as it hit their faces. It is seemingly plausible for Chance to wonder if maybe the boy seated beside him “really was part dog in some way?” Not only is Chance a guide for the blind but he is an inspiration for the many sighted and sometimes troubled people who meet this “Chance in a Lifetime.” 

- Amazon Review

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