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Forevermore Literature

Projects Currently in Creation: Coming Soon

Fiction: Title to be Determined

Short Story Collection, Humor

Inspired by a successful short story born from a class writing activity, Death of a Clown, this coffee table book collection will feature juxtaposed "humorous obituaries" for a wide variety of occupations and characters. A definitely different project!

Creative Non-Fiction:

Title to be Determined

Short Story Collection

More details on this important project will be previewed soon. This will be a powerful collection of essays and short stories showing multiple aspects and experiences of a critical cause near and dear to the author's heart.

Stage Play: Title to be Determined


Keeping with the themes of finding beauty even in deep sorrow, this dramatic stage play will examine the aftermath of suicide for the loved ones left behind when a young high schooler takes his own life. In three acts, we see the conversations of loved ones with the young man at his grave, while his spirit is there to listen to the joys and the sorrows in an outpouring of raw and realistic emotion.

Screenplay: Title to be Determined

Science Fiction/Action

Although this is definitely an outside of the box genre for Jennifer, she is excited to be putting together her first science-fiction-based screenplay. When a group of scientists are stranded on Mars and the air supply is running out, they may have more to fear from one another than from the depletion of oxygen. When survival meets human nature, anything can happen.

Cookbook: Title to be Determined

Recipes & Helpful Tips

Cooking is another hobby and passion shared by the author and her daughters. This cookbook will combine their love for rustic, homemade creative comfort food with successful recipes and tips from their contest-winning entries at the County Fair and other food competitions.

Biography: Title to be Determined

Story of the Life & Work of Dr. Edwin K. Yager

A biography profiling the amazing life and work of Dr. Edwin K. Yager is now in progress. Dr. Yager created the revolutionary Yagerian Therapy Method, and taught it across the world. We are honored to be celebrating his passion for people and the method that helped so many with the written word in this tribute.

All above works and concepts Copyright 2019 & 2020 by Jennifer Shenefield. All Rights Reserved.